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Thursday, April 30, 2015

20,000 Views Story Contest - Notice

The story contest deadline has been postponed to May 19th. Please enter soon! ^.^

Sunday, April 19, 2015

20,000 Views Story Contest!

Can you believe that we reached 20,000 views? Well, this calls for a story contest! You may submit 1 short story (8-20 paragraphs) about Animal Jam!

First, let's go over some rules:

  • You may only enter once.
  • No copying.
  • The story can be anything about Animal Jam, as long as it is appropriate and not too gory.
  • You can send your entry to me via email, or in a comment below.
There will be three winners who each select two prizes from the prize pool:

Good luck! This ends on April 28th!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

20 Followers Fashion Contest!

Hey jammers! The AJGC just hit the 20 followers mark! And to celebrate this epic achievement, I'm hosting a fashion contest!

Here are a few rules before we get started:

  • You can only enter once per theme.
  • No cheating off of other's outfits. If you and another jammer made a similar outfit by accident, then it's okay, but don't purposely copy someone's outfit. 
  • No inappropriate or gory outfits. This means no blood or disturbing images.
  • Make sure to include the code: happy-emu in your entry.

In the first rule, I mentioned themes. There are two themes: freestyle and non-member. There will be one winner per theme. I suggest entering once in each theme, so you have a maximum chance of winning. The winners will be chosen by voting on the main blog.


In this theme, you can enter any outfit that you like. It doesn't have to fit any criteria (except that it can't be inappropriate). You can use member or non-member items and any themed items (Happy-Go-Lucky, Friendship Festival, Jamaalidays, Night of the Phantoms etc.). The winner for this theme will receive:


For this, you can only enter an outfit with all non-member items. Otherwise, you can go completely crazy with it. The winner for this theme will receive:

When we vote, one jammer will be eliminated at a time. The "rarity" of a jammer's items will not count

All entries are due by April 8th, and voting will begin on April 9th

1,000 Comments Raffle Winner!

The winner for the 1,000 comments raffle is... arcticpenguinii! The random number generated by the random number generator was 68, leaving Arctic off by only 1, with his number of 67! Great job! The next time you are on, I will trade you these prizes:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1,000 Comments Raffle!

Can you believe that we reached 1,000 comments?!? Wow guys, thanks so much!! :D You make me so happy. :)

Anyways, here are the prizes for the 1,000 comments raffle!

Just comment a number from 1-100 for a chance to win! :D

This raffle will be concluded on March 28th. Good luck!

Happy-Go-Lucky Art Contest Winners!

The art pieces submitted by jammers were amazing! Here is a quick gallery of all the entries received!

by Lovely1147046

by nafaria9

by Highrise

And now... the moment you have all been waiting for... XD 

1st Place : nafaria9

2nd Place : Highrise

3rd Place : Lovely1147046

The 1,000 comments (can you believe we just ticked 1,000 comments earlier this morning?!) contest will be posted later today. ^.^

The prizes for the art contest are on my storage account, so the next time the winners are on, I will trade them the prizes they won. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy-Go-Lucky Art Contest!

NOTICE: If you need help entering or are not sure how to enter, then check out this page!

Hi jammers! In honor of Happy-Go-Lucky, I am hosting an art contest! ^.^ You will make a piece of art (doesn't have to be related to Happy-Go-Lucky, but it can be) and submit it to me via email or comment.

Here are a few rules though...

  • Only 1 entry per person. (no entering on storages or faking identities)
  • Your art piece must be appropriate. (no blood, gore etc.)
  • You art can be digital or on paper! Use all the materials you can get your paws on--pencils, crayons, digital drawing programs, markers, paper, tablets, colored pencils... whatever you want! 
  • The piece of art that you submit must be Animal Jam related.
  • Your art piece must be your own. If I find out that your entry was not your own piece of art, then you will be banned from ever entering in a contest again.
  • Make sure to comment the code: happygolucky in your entry to confirm that you read these rules.
I think that covered it all. ^.^

The prizes are as follows:

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Good luck jammers! ^.^ You can comment the link to your art below, or send me the picture of it via email!

This contest ends on St. Patricks Day, March 17th!